From left to right: Ineke Mok, Micaela Cabrita da Palma, Maya Mutlu, Yoshina Davelaar en Dineke Stam. 

Who are we?

Meet the team of tour guides at Sporen van Slavernij! Our initiators, Dineke Stam and Ineke Mok, have dedicated over 13 years to researching and creating insightful tours. Joining them are our experienced guides Yoshina Davelaar, Maya Mutlu, and Micaela Cabrita da Palma, enriching the tours with their unique insights and perspectives.

Sporen van Slavernij has been offering thought-provoking tours since 2021, that delve into Haarlem's connections with colonial history. Our team of passionate guides is commited to sharing stories that are often overlooked, shedding light on the profound impact of slavery in the city. With a foucs on education and remembrance, our tours aim to create meaningful and impactful experiences for all participants. Join our guides as we unravel the stories and legacies of the past and gain a deeper understanding of this crucial part of history.