Traces of Slavery

in Haarlem and its surroundings

Taking a look together at the (in)visible traces of the colonial past

Welcome to our website! Since 2021, we offer historical tours about the colonial history of the city of Haarlem. With our guided walking and cycling tours, we seek out the special, lesser-known places of the city of Haarlem and its surroundings. We talk about the people who were involved in slavery in many ways: from a famous painter to an enslaved person and from a beer brewer to a plantation owner. Even Haarlem's extensive textile industry was intertwined with the colonial past. Walk or bike along with one of our

knowledgeable guides to look together at the (in)visible traces of this history.

Why choose us?


Experience a thought-provoking journey through the historical traces of slavery in our guided tours.


Engage with the city's complex history in a respectful and educational manner that promotes reflection and understanding.


Learn from knowledgeable and passionate guides who provide in-depth insights and stories.


Our tours create a safe space for open dialogue and questions, encouraging visitors to engage and learn.

What our participants say

"We must continue to share the stories from our common past, to move together towards a bright equal future."

"Last Thursday, my daughter and I had an interesting walk through Haarlem. The guide managed to keep our attention in a pleasant way. She had also prepared well with photos and drawings she brought along."

"Thank you again for all your input this morning during the city walking tour in Haarlem. Food for thought."